• Fabric

    All kinds of woolen fabrics and noble fibers reach Tintoria Tonella where they undergo the various processes in their transformation...
  • Control

    The sophisticated quality control systems ensure very high quality standards, addressed to a clientele that has never been so qualified...
  • Research

    Research not only helps to amply satisfy demands with optimal processes, but is also essential in the timely proposal of...
  • Environment

    Development of technologies of cold dyeing with low environmental impact. Project Partners WOOLTEX developed MANUNET-Finpiemonte....

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We dye and finish fabrics from fine cashmere, finest wool, cotton, cellulose fibers, polyamide fibers, the microfibers and the various mixed on the market.
We also carry out flexing treatments for natural wool.
Were present in our fleet of machines three lines of preparation for dyeing, machines for fulling and for working air, classic finish of wool, wide dyeing maschines, cold and rope dyeing.
We operate for more than 50 years in the Biella’s textile district as a symbol of excellence in the ennobling and expression of qualitative and ethical selective criteria.

The brand "Trivero Tessuti" refers to a system of textile finishing based on controlled and environmentally responsible processes, that represent and ensure the excellence of what expresses the textile district of Biella. “Trivero Tessuti” certifies the quality we produce.